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Hendry County Schools are under the Hendry County School District. The District is comprised of 11 High Schools, 9 Middle Schools, and 15 Elementary Schools. The following 16 Schools form part of the Hendry County School District: Central Elementary School, Clewiston Middle School, Country Oaks Elementary School, County Wide Exceptional Student Education, Edward A. Upthegrove Elementary School, Hendry Youth Development Academy, Labelle High School, Labelle Youth Development Academy, Clewiston High School, Clewiston Youth Development Academy, County Superintendent's Office, Eastside Elementary School, Hendry Halfway House, Labelle Elementary School, Labelle Middle School, and Westside Elementary School.

Clewiston High School holds classrooms in grades 9th - 12th. Approximately, 49 teachers teach the schools curriculum to 1059 students. Three hundred and sixty six students attend the 9th grade; Two hundred and sixty students attend the 10th grade; Two hundred and thirty four students attend the 11th grade; One hundred and eighty five students attend the 12th grade. Clewiston High School has a Teacher Student Ratio of 1:22 and has the following ethnic background: American Indian 1%, Hispanic 33%, Black 30%, and, White 36%.

Labelle Middle School has approximately 853 students attending grades 6th – 8th. This Middle School has a total of 41 teachers with a Student Ratio 1:21. Two hundred and eighty four students attend the 6th grade; Two hundred and eighty three students attend the 7th grade; Two hundred and eighty four students attend the 8th grade. Labelle Middle School has the following ethnic background: Asian 1%, Hispanic 50%, Black 7%, and White 42%.

Central Elementary School holds classrooms from PK- 6th grade and has a total of 584 students. Nineteen students attend Kindergarten; Ninety five students attend the 1st grade; One hundred and eight students attend the 2nd grade; Eighty eight students attend the 3rd grade; Ninety students attend the 4th grade; Ninety two students attend the 5th grade; Central Elementary School has approximately 29 teachers with a Student Ratio of 1:20. Central Elementary School student ethnic background is as follows: Hispanic 49%, Black 23%, White 28%.

Contact information:

Central Elementary School
1000 S. Deane Duff Avenue,
Clewiston, FL 33440 - 5025
Phone: (863) 983-1550
Fax: (863) 983 1558
E-mail: springfielda@hendry.k12.fl.us

Labelle Middle School
8000 East Cowboy Way, Labelle, FL 33935
Phone: (863)674-4646
Fax: (863) 674-4645
E-mail: whiteg@hendry.k12.fl.us

Clewiston High School
1501 South Francisco Street
Clewiston, FL 33440
Phone: (863) 983-1520
Fax: (863) 983-2168
E-mail: egleyr@hendry.k12.fl.us


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